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TAbColBitBtn.Glyph Property
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Specifies the bitmap that appears on the selected AbColBitBtn button.

property Glyph: TBitmap;
__property TBitmap Glyph;

Use the Open dialog box that appears as an editor in the Object Inspector to choose a bitmap file (with a .BMP extension) to use on the button, or specify a bitmap file at runtime. 

You can provide up to three images within a single bitmap. All images must be the same size and next to each other in a row. AbColBitBtn buttons display one of these images depending on their state. 


First Bitmap (checked is false): 

This image appears when the button is up (unchecked). If no other images exist in the bitmap, AbColBitBtn buttons also use this image for all other states. 


Second Bitmap (Disabled is true) This image usually appears dimmed to indicate that the button can't be selected. 


Third Bitmap (Checked is true) 

This image appears when the button is checked. 


If only one image is present, AbColBitBtn buttons attempt to represent the other states by altering the image slightly for the different states, although the Checked state is always the same as the unchecked state. If you aren't satisfied with the results, you can provide additional images in the bitmap. 

If you have multiple images in a bitmap, you must specify the number of images that are in the bitmap with the NumGlyphs property.


The lower left pixel of the bitmap is reserved for the "transparent" color. Any pixel in the bitmap which matches that lower left pixel will be transparent.

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