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Issue ID: 00122

Issue: Loading TAbTrend from Database
Projekt: Abakus VCL

State: All

User infoPeter Grimes
17.Feb.12 7:08
Loading TAbTrend from Database

I have a database which records all the information I record on an AbTrend Chart including the timestamp the reading was taken. What I want to do is load the previous 2000 records into the chart when the program starts. I've tried adding them using the channel.value property and also the trend.AddValue method but neither work, I'm thinking I need to add the timestamp value somewhere but can't figure out where. Any help would be appricated. Thankyou

User infoadmin
17.Feb.12 14:13
in the loop where you add the records by means of "AddValue" (or "AddDigit") right after that method call write the time in the PointerVariable for the new record
ARecord^.Time := now + n*0.001; // set the time for this record

As annex you will find a demo for that....

AddValue.zip (150 kB)

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