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Issue ID: 00132

Issue: TAbFlash Destroy
Projekt: Abakus VCL
Bug report

State: All

User infoMirco Malagoli
21.Aug.14 15:52
TAbFlash Destroy

I have an application that has an error half the time which is closed. "Cannot terminate an externally created thread" and the last executed function is TAbFlash Destroy catched with EurekaLog.
Any suggestions?

User infoadmin
22.Aug.14 10:47
which Abakus Version do you use?

User infoMirco Malagoli
22.Aug.14 15:28
Sorry, i forgot
3.5.0 in C++2009

User infoadmin
24.Aug.14 8:38
This Problem on some Systems was fixed with Version 4.5, actual Version is 5.0
To fix please update to the newest Version...

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