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User infoMark DiVecchio
27.Mar.15 23:31
Vertical/horizontal Slider

Is there a way to use float number (like 5.5) on the slider? The ValueFormat allow #0.0 and the Value is a float. I would like the user to see and select values to each .5 step.

User infoadmin
01.Apr.15 12:37
If you want to Change the Scale e.g. to a Maximum of 5.5 you should set
- SignalSettings.ValueTo = 5.5
- ScaleSettings.ValueFormat = "#0.0"

User infoMark DiVecchio
09.Apr.15 6:07
How do I get a "change small" of 0.5? When I enter a "change small" of 0.5, I get an error that "0.5 is not a valid integer value".

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