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Issue ID: 00142

Issue: No control over size of bar in TabHMeter, TabVMeter
Projekt: Abakus VCL

State: All

User infoAndrew Clark
06.May.16 16:34
No control over size of bar in TabHMeter, TabVMeter

There doesn't seem to be any control over the size (the height of the bar control in a TabHMeter or the width of the bar control in a TabVMeter) of the bar that is drawn in the TabHMeter and TabVMeter controls. The only control seems to be to change the ScaleSettings.Font - as the Font size increases, the size of the bar also seems to increase.

The control seems to ignore the SectorSettings.Offset and SectorSettings.WidthOffset which do affect how the bar is drawn in Radial controls (Tab270Meter for example) so is this a bug? The TabHBar control has a separate BarSettings property which does control how the bar is drawn, but the TabXMeter controls do not.

Schritte zum Reproduzieren:
Add a TabXMeter control to the design surface. No properties other than ScaleSettings.Font seem to control the size of the bar.

User infoadmin
09.May.16 11:50
TAbHMeter, TAbVMeter do not have a bar... do you mean the Sector indication or do you mean TAbHBar, TAbVBar?
If you mean the sector indication on TAbHMeter, TAbVMeter this width/height depends actually only on the font size
Please reply wich bar/component you mean and in which range you want to adjust the size.
May we can add this feature for the next release.
(next release within the next 7 days)

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