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Issue ID: 00144

Issue: AbIGDIPlus.hpp incompatible with GdiplusPixelFormats.h
Projekt: Abakus VCL
Bug report

State: All

User infoMichael Wade
12.May.17 1:56
AbIGDIPlus.hpp incompatible with GdiplusPixelFormats.h

The Abakus header file has it's own definitions for the same terms in the windows sdk version of GdiplusPixelFormats.h such as
static const System::Int8 ALPHA_SHIFT = System::Int8(0x18);
compared to GdiplusPixelFormats.h
#define ALPHA_SHIFT 24
This will not compile under XE10 C++ Builder.

Schritte zum Reproduzieren:
Include both files.

User infoadmin
12.May.17 9:10
A fixed version will be released later today

User infoadmin
12.May.17 17:10
Version 8.42b10 released (fixes the above bug)

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