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Issue ID: 00146

Issue: Failed to set data for 'position'
Projekt: Abakus VCL
Bug report

State: All

User infoDana Nebrensky
23.Dec.17 20:10
Failed to set data for 'position'

Right after the latest Microsoft of Window 10 update, I’m getting this error message when using your component. This has never been the case before the latest update. So the question I have; is this error consequential and if so, how can this be remedied? Thank you

Schritte zum Reproduzieren:
You can place the component without problem but once you try to change the attributes, the error message pops up.

User infoadmin
25.Dec.17 20:34
wich delphi / cbuilder version do you use and did you try to reproduce the problem with a new project?

may you can create a project and send it to us with all sources... that we can check it.

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