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Issue ID: 00149

Issue: AbCircularProgressBar - memory leaks
Projekt: Abakus VCL
Bug report

State: All

User infoFilipe Simoes
08.Dec.18 18:15
AbCircularProgressBar - memory leaks

Hi Achim,
Creating the topic to register the bug. There are memory leaks on the AbCircularProgressBar component.

Schritte zum Reproduzieren:
To replicate the issue:
1º If we create e new project,
2º put a TAbCircularProgressBar on the form1 ,
3ºthen set ReportMemoryLeaksOnShutdown := true;
4º Run the code.
5º Then Stop. A message with all the memory leaks in your components will be presented on the screen.

User infoadmin
09.Dec.18 8:51
Hi Filipe,
is fixed and will be released together with Rad Studio 10.3 support later today

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