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Issue ID: 00163

Issue: TAbAnalogCControl
Projekt: Abakus VCL

State: All

User infoScott Carpenter
25.Sep.20 7:09

The Dial and Slide components block the MouseWheel event of the form. So they should include MouseWheel, MouseEnter and MouseExit in addition to the MouseMove events. It would be helpful to have some additional control of the mouse events. For example, I need to set a flag based on using the MouseWheel on a dial or slider not just change the value. I can do that on the form, but if the mouse is on a dial/slider then nothing is triggered. Is there a work around or some technique that you know?

User infoadmin
09.Oct.20 14:38
Hi Scott,
we right now implement to forward the mousewheel to the parent on slider and dial components (V9.10 Build 11)

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